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Model Contract


About The GirlsPrivateCam Webcam Model Listing Service is a free listing service for independent cam, phone and/or texting performers and content producers

Here you may post profile advertisements for  cam shows, tangible goods, texting services, custom videos and phone sex. Each element of the site is optional. provides payment processing in order for you to accept payments from your customers, the details of which are as follows:


Payout Percentage for Cam Models offers an 85% payout rate on tributes, tips, texting sessions, tangible goods sales and cam shows


Payment Schedule:

Payments will be sent out weekly, every Monday with a one week hold. Current payment options are direct deposit to your bank account in your local currency (most nations are covered), Check (free), and Paxum ($2.00 charge per payout) .

All direct deposit (ACH/EFT) costs are charged by the funds transfer services, never charges a fee in sending payment via any method. For US direct deposit/ACH the fee is $3, for non-US direct deposit the fee is 1.5% of the amount sent.

Minimum payout threshold is $20 USD, any funds below that amount will be rolled over to the next payment period.

Monthly payments are also available to listees who prefer that option as well as higher minimum payouts, however unless specified the payout frequency is $20 minimum weekly with a one week hold

Via all payment methods (check, direct deposit (ACH/EFT) the name on the payment will be JS Networks.


Rights and Responsibilities:

Each cam model who joins retains copyright and ownership of any content you upload to the site, including cam model name, photos and videos. You grant the non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use your content in order to promote the site and the services you provide, and you agree to only upload content to which you own copyright. will never sell or lease your content or personal information to any individual, company or third party or disclose said information except where required to do so by law.

In choosing to join you agree to use our payment processing exclusively for clients who find you via our website. Any cammodel found to be accepting alternative forms of payment not offered by with clients of the site will be removed from the site. You are however invited to bring your own existing clients to our website for payment processing purposes, and your pre-existing clients remain your own to direct as you so choose. You also agree to provide your paying clients with the service you have agreed to, and agree not to misrepresent the services you offer.
Models who misrepresent their services to clients and potential clients will be removed from the site.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does offer individual geoblocking?

Unfortunately no, at this point GirlsPrivateCam does not offer individual geo-blocking


Are models from all regions welcome on the site?

With very few exceptions models from most regions are welcome. The exceptions are models in nations that are barred from doing any business with the US, including those that relate solely to adult businesses


What currency does the site use?

All client payments on GirlsPrivateCam are processed in USD. Payouts to non-US models are converted to relevant currency before transfer.


Who owns and operates GirlsPrivateCam?

GirlsPrivateCam is owned and operated by two experienced cam models with over 30 years of experience between us. We are Jesse Quinn and HotWifeJolee and are committed to operating a site that respects and values our clientèle while maintaining a model-centric site that is built to suit the needs of all who choose to use it.


Are chargebacks covered?

Yes, chargebacks are covered. We also strive to provide information that assists listees in protecting themselves from fraud on every site they work, not just GirlsPrivateCam


Copyright Policy

In joining your cam name and content (images, text, videos, etc) remain your own. You grant GirlsPrivateCam non-exclusive right to use your content on the domain ( for the duration of your time on the site, but all offsite advertising ( paid ads on other domains, etc) is opt-in (meaning your content will never be used unless you grant GirlsPrivateCam explicit permission to do so) and includes a direct link to your profile page.


Does GirlsPrivateCam issue 1099’s?

Yes, 1099 tax forms are issued to all US listees who earn $600 or more in any given calendar year. Tax forms are sent discreetly in the name of our company JS Networks.


Are payout options discreet?

Yes, all payments are discreet and can in no way be tied to adult work. For further information regarding your specific payout preference we invite you to contact us for more personalized information


Do I have to offer phone, cam, custom videos and texting in order to join the site?

No, all portions of the site are optional and your profile will be designed to fit the specific service(s) you choose to offer


Does Permit Studio Sign-Ups?

No, GirlsPrivateCam only allows sign-ups by individual models and we do NOT allow studio sign-ups. Studios are anathema to site approach and are contrary to the spirit of independent webcamming.
Models who work with studios are more than welcome to sign up, provided they do so independently and are paid their 85% percentage by GirlsPrivateCam (JS Networks) directly.


If you have any further questions or require clarification regarding the above terms we invite you to contact us. We will always reply within 24 hours.